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Sharp Journal is a media platform of purpose, integrity, credibility, objectivity, fairness, and poise to spreading quality information devoid of unnecessary sensationalism or colouring.

Sharpjournal.com is a fresh perspective on information dissemination and social responsibility to the society. Democratization of governance, accountability and transparency of the government,  and economic growth and development of the people are the purpose of this platform.

S – J is a paradigm shift from the usual mediocrity. At Sharp Journal, you will see breezy prose, news features, news roundup, polished views, precision journalism, hard-line submissions, liberal perspectives, constructive criticisms, balanced analyses, resources, insights, inspiration and more.

Information displayed here pass through scrutiny before publication, giving you a balanced digest. 

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Mr_Odunayo Emmanuel Bankole is the founder and editor of Sharp Journal. A liberal mind with a measure of conservative media tenets, he holds B.Sc. degree in Mass Communication.

Odun is a down-to-earth person, very friendly and accommodating. He is very passionate about journalism and communication. He welcomes professional networking.


Jacobs Adewale

Michael Olajubu (alias Jacobs Adewale) is a proficient writer, journalist, poet, publicist and author.

He is an avid blogger with a nose for trends and penchant for poetry.

He is also an expert on Social Media Optimization, Copy Writing and more.


Olorunfemi BabatundeOlorunfemi Babatunde (Bab T) is a critical thinker, Business Analyst with terrific passion for innovation and ICT driven solutions.

He has years of experience in Business development, Website Designing, Digital Marketing and Copy Writing.


Paitor Odun

Paitor Odun is an advocate of good news and a praise and worship leader.

As a kid, he was an active member of a children group involved in the spread of the gospel.

He attempts to bring back that zeal through this platform.