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How realistic is the December deadline to end Boko Haram?

At inception of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, one of the loudest messages of hope or change was getting rid of insurgency as soon as possible. And as proactive as Nigerians expected the president to be, he appointed new Service Chiefs and gave strong declaration in resolving the crisis. The appointed Service Chiefs have made good impression to getting the job done, but a lot is still needed to be done. Ending Boko Haram by December does not look feasible base on the approach of the military and other militating factors.

In the euphoria of having a proactive government, Nigerians had expected better results from the military in winning the war against terrorism. But the hope that Boko Haram will cease to exist by December 2015 is apparently fading. Discordant tunes within the military and the government is clearly represented in their manner of communication and facts presented to Nigerians. Sharp Journal is therefore asking, is the December deadline feasible? The time limit is fast approaching. But unfortunately, the war has developed serious twists and turns. It has become hydra-headed.

Many militating factors have caused setback to the advancement of the Nigeria military in winning this war. It appears there is no coherence in strategy and synergy of ideas. It appears there is no continuity or a systematic process to completely eliminate Boko Haram sect. Each time the Nigeria army gain upper hand against them, there is suddenly a lull in military offensive which enables the sect to resuscitate and continue their barbaric activities. An example of this scenario was the last 3 month of the administration of former president (Jonathan) which brought momentum in salvaging the battered image of the Nigeria army against Boko Haram. That momentum eventually fizzled out, culminating to more loss of lives and properties in the hand of Boko Haram.

In the present dispensation, we have seen pro-activity by the Nigeria army led by the hardworking Gen. Tukur Buratai, but fatigue is beginning to show in their quest to end this war. It is important to reiterate the importance of winning this war by December. The target or deadline given by the president and consented to by the Service Chiefs should not just be a mere political statement, it is a national declaration by the president with so much weight, of which Nigerians will use as a yardstick to judge the seriousness of this present government.

Although the chief of army staff, Gen. Buratai has publicly declared that Boko Haram no longer control any part of Nigeria territory but certainly they still exist within the landmass of Nigeria and beyond. Where they are is what is inexplicable. And the military must be transparent about this war. Winning this war is not about just setting a target; it is about working towards that target. The reality that Boko Haram insurgency will end by December looks immature. It is time the Nigeria army became explicit with Nigerians and stop setting target that appears a mirage except a miracle happens.

No doubt, the military to the best of their capacity has done well in combating Boko Haram. However, how this group of extremists still manages to carry out their heinous activities is still disturbing. Human lives and properties are being lost incessantly to this group. It will not be out of place if the Service Chiefs go back to re-strategize and give Nigerians no benefit or room to doubt them in winning this war.

Currently, there have been complaints of weather, topography of the war zone by the Nigeria army as militating factors inhibiting their advancement. There is always a plan B in everything. Whatever that will augment their war strategy should be drafted in as soon as possible – better foot wears, clothing, feeding, better guns, medical support and so on. Sharp Journal encourages the Nigeria military to keep up their good works but get back to convincing winning ways.


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