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Boko Haram: Will Chibok Girls Ever Come Back?

Chibok Girls

It’s been more than one year since the unfortunate disappearance of young secondary school girls in Chibok, Borno State. Chibok girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in their hostel at a time they were to write an important exam. The last is yet to be heard of effort to bring these girls home. Days after days, months after months and a year is gone already with no respite to the situation.

The immediate past administration of ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, did terribly in managing the situation. There were series of rescue effort attempted, but none was successful. The government even told Nigerians that the whereabouts of the Chibok girls is known and getting them was within reach. These statements were only uttered to pacify the frayed nerves of Nigerians. And it never did! The situation is still the same.

President Buhari has also assured Nigerians that the case of Chiboks girls will be given rapt attention. Tangible result is, however, yet to be seen from those words of hope during his inaugural speech as the new president of Nigeria. So here we are! Who will “bring back our girls?!” 

The recent military assault which yielded some visible results has not deterred these guys; Boko Haram has resuscitate itself back and they are still killing, kidnapping, committing all sort of atrocities.

In spite of world outcry, twitter hash tag, campaign and demonstration by stakeholders ranging from civil societies, public figures, international stars and a host of others, bringing back Chibok girls appear a mirage. So, will Chibok girls ever come back?

Chibok girls may come back or may not come back if effort by the military was not intensified. The free time or window to close in and rescue these girls was mismanaged by the Nigeria military. It is now very difficult to ascertain their location and what strategy would work in any new or proposed rescue effort. Time is ticking; these girls may not be the same again if nothing is done now to bring them back.

As it is, whether Nigeria likes it or not, Boko Haram has become a monster to the society. Its display of impunity and wanton destruction of human lives and property is not a joke. This is serious war! Boko Haram will not stop to spill blood until they are satisfied with their ideology of doom. Hence, the military should completely wipe them out, but give room for negotiation and re-negotiation just for the sake of Chibok girls and other captives.

The continuous captivity of Chibok girls does not augur well for a society like Nigeria. It is despicable and a tragedy that should not have happened if security measures by the military was not compromised. It is a shame that a group of terrorists plundered and has continued to plunder with no final solution to nail their ugly heads once. Boko Haram crisis has brought disgrace and horror to Nigeria and if there is any pride left to savour, such pride was to ensure that Chibok girls are brought back home safely. Though the girls may not go unscathed but rescuing them alive is a plus for Nigeria military and the government of the day.

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