Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Oshiorenoya Agabi, Human Intelligence

A Life Poured Out

American psychologist, William James, in the 1890s asserted in his research paper—Energies of Men that just 10% of our brain is what we make use of during our lifetime. Although modern scientists have invalidated his assertion, nevertheless his research work is somehow plausible. Imagine what would materialized if man can

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Of Violence and Christianity

If you see a madman with a gun or a cutlass coming towards your direction, what would you do? If you see a social deviant raising a harmful object to harm you without doing any wrong, what would be your response? If you are involved in a life-threatening attack and

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Why we celebrate Christmas

So the season is here again to celebrate Christmas. Indeed, it is another time to make merry, jump around and observe all sort of the usual things we do to mark the festive period of Christmas. Has it occurred to you why we actually celebrate Christmas or Noel? What is

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