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Coincidence: My Telepathic Divine Experience

Telepathy, Parapsychology

Some time ago, on my way coming from a church activity I was very hungry and seriously thought of what to eat. So, my brain swung into action, signalling my mind to present options available. My mind could not arrive at any option because of my taste at that moment. My brain kept on pressing my mind to do something very urgent. Finally, my mind connected to my sense of taste, which was to eat soup and garri (eba).

As I draw near to my place, I started to muffle in my mind on how to get the above option done. Again, my brain was called to action, prompting my mind to be decisive or else I’ll sleep hungry. To be honest, I had no soup except garri. The choice of my mind was to eat garri and soup, but sincerely, I don’t know how I would get that done. It was already late and eating outside is a “No Go” option for me.

As time ticks, I had to conclude on the available food options which I was avoiding. And that’s eating bread and tea, noodles or rice. But luckily, serendipity shone on me and my desired taste for the night was met. How? It was telepathically done!

For every clairvoyant display, there seems to be a spiritual interconnectedness which makes it possible for a mind to decode the content of another mind, even without any physical contact.

While I was muffling and pondering on what I would eat when I got home, my neighbour was also having the same thought, at the same time. He came and said, “Odun are you interested in soup and solid food like garri?” I quickly said, “Yes! Thank you so much.” My mind was joyous and a very deep thought came: how this guy did discover I would need soup at that point in time? I had no prior discussion with him about my taste option. So how come he was able to decode what was in my mind even at a distance? This is the crux of my telepathic experience.

The person in question is not a seer or psychic; he is just an ordinary human being like me. Again, how come that his mind was processing one of the food options my mind raised far away? To me, this is clairvoyance or parapsychology. And, for every clairvoyant display, there seems to be a spiritual interconnectedness which makes it possible for a mind to decode the content of another mind, even without any physical contact. Thus, the following questions and responses are a decider in this exposé:

  1. Is there any coincidence in my telepathic experience? No!
  2. Did fate or serendipity cross my path? Yes!
  3. Is there any prior premonition by my telepathic party on my food taste? No!
  4. Was my experience a normal or a regular occurrence? No!
  5. Does telepathy appeals to man’s spirituality? Yes!
  6. Was my telepathy experience a divine intervention? Yes!

I doubt if there is any coincidence in this my telepathic experience. There was no physical contact (move) or any effort, simultaneously done by both of us which could have brought a coincidence meeting point. In contrast, he simply came to tell me (announce) if I am interested in something I was seriously thinking about in my mind. This is absolutely spiritual, beyond physical and even the metaphysical. In other words, the spirit of God connected to my spirit-being to identify my need and rescued my helpless situation.

My desire to get a good meal in all practical sense was not certain. But unexpectedly, after confessing it in the spirit (my mind), the result came almost immediately as if I had ordered to that effect. This is fate smiling on me, isn’t it?

I had no premonition that kindness of this nature was on the way or my telepathic partner having knowledge of my food taste, prior to this scenario. It happened suddenly just like that, meeting my desire at the appropriate time. This kind of experience don’t just happen like that, it comes sparingly. It is God’s awesomeness and divine intervention in a man’s life, to get what he or she wants or desire at a crucial time, even when it is practically impossible.

If there was no telepathic intervention that is how I will go hungry to sleep or eat what I don’t want to eat. Consequently, you never can tell or comprehend the efficacy of what comes out of your mouth or the thoughts of your mind, in proffering solution to a crucial need. God is using somebody, somewhere, in a telepathic spiritual inter-connectivity, to decode the desires of your heart. So, keep saying it, keep telling it. Talk it out in the spirit, the physical manifestation is on the way.

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