Friday, July 10, 2020
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COVID-19: The other side of the equation


The webspace is caught up with Covid-19 news and conversation. The indices, the precaution, memes, palliatives, breaking news, conspiracy theories…

The failure of government in providing modest health care infrastructure to her citizenry is in the spotlight. Is there more? Let us look at the other side of the equation – Education, the Economy, Power and Service Delivery.

Understandably, our educational institutions have been closed as part of measures to prevent Covid-19 spread. But should this development affect learning? My answer is a resounding No!

Imagine a scenario where these institutions have eLearning Infrastructure that Lecturers can use to deliver course content to their students via text, audio, video and live stream. Providing eLearning facilities is not rocket science, the know-how and technology is available.

Having graduated millions of students, it is not out of place for our Universities to reach out and identify their products in the tech space with a view of collaborating with them to create eLearning solutions. Is this too much to ask in the 21st century, an age of Information, Communication and Technology?

Many Nigerians are passing the buck to Mr President and his team. We are indeed perennial sufferers of good leadership, we have never been lucky. Beyond Mr President, how about we beam our searchlights on the Vice Chancellors, their governing team and College Management teams?

I understand that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is currently on strike and wonder if lack of eLearning infrastructure is part of their struggle.

May I advise parents who discourage their teenage children between the ages of 13-17 years from using mobile devices to reconsider their stand. Barring your child from using a mobile device, laptop is counter-productive. The merits of technological innovation outdo its demerits, what we must endeavour to do is to acquire the knowledge that would enable us to guide how children deploy technology and technological products. Do you know that there are more educational products tailored for mobile devices than for laptops or the television?

Parents that worry about their child’s safety on the internet and the possibility of connecting with strangers should consider providing internet access to their children via internet Wifi (Get them a device without a SIM Card). The affected parents must also learn how they can safeguard their children on the internet. The technology and knowledge is available, avail yourself of it and learn.

In advanced climes, teens are writing codes and developing Apps for mobile devices. In my opinion, it is not acceptable to completely deprive a Senior Secondary School student the use of a mobile device, except for a parent that cannot afford it. Jobs for the future are not taught in our schools (at least in Nigeria), how will your children learn, if you don’t introduce them to research and learning on the web?

In times past, some parents used to frown at their children watching the TV; today parents use the same medium to educate their children via Cartoons and educational programmes. Technology is a means; we should learn to use it to our advantage.

If Nigeria would be great, we must hold ourselves and leaders to account. All sides of the equation must be balanced.

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Don’t get involved in crime, do not lose faith or hope, better days are near.

Stay safe, practice social distancing and stay at home.

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