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Donald Trump And His Many Aversions

Donald Trump, US Politics

Donald Trump is increasingly gaining popularity in the race to White House. Trump is America’s big joke of the season and a comic relief to some, this writer inclusive, in an unusual presidential campaign for America’s top job. Seriously, his comic character is really winning the heart of some undiscerning followers, and his “loud” mouth bring forth words flowing here and there—his mouth produces disgusting and unguarded statements without ceasing.

For a very long time, America has not had a demagogue in the like of Donald Trump—billionaire real estate magnate having parental root or descent from Germany and Scotland, aspire to become the next United States President. Never in recent history has there been a self- style outspoken presidential hopeful under the banner of the Republican Party. Trump is truly a demagogue carried by the wave of popular revolts, at the same time proposing inimical policies that has not only soiled his reputation but also dimmed his ambition of becoming a president. Trump, however, found wealth in America’s capitalist economy, can his business luck translate to politics? Perhaps!

Nonetheless, his numerous statements are so disgusting and childish. Surprisingly, he is gaining more support from a large section of America, who are sold to his unrealistic and hostile immigration policy towards foreigners, especially, Mexicans and Nigerians. Trump said Nigerians have taken over jobs meant for American citizens. And as such, if he becomes president, he would send them back to Africa. His public display of hatred for Latinos is another sordid tale. No country can survive on its own without involving outsiders in their affairs. Every country of the world has a comparative advantage and disadvantage. That is why we have globalization—to enhance free flow of trade from one country to another. Therefore, America cannot isolate itself from other countries of the world simply for some flimsy excuses given by Trump.

Trump can be likened to an enfant terrible of contemporary American politics. Americans should be wary of Trump’s aspiration.

To survive as a country, you need contribution from other countries of the world to augment whatever prospect of prosperity Nature or Providence has placed at your advantage. Trump will definitely put America in to trouble if by any chance he emerges the victor in the presidential election. Trump does not have deep understanding of politics, foreign relations. Whenever he talks, he talks incoherent and very passive on topical issues needing his critical judgement. Trump can be likened to an enfant terrible of contemporary American politics. Americans should be wary of Trump’s aspiration. America cannot afford at this time to pick a man who is not politically savvy and would only compound the already worsen foreign relations of America and raging social issues like racism, gun violence, immigration etc.

The Republican Party could do well by presenting a better candidate to challenge Democrat popular candidate—Hillary Clinton. Republicans may just lose another opportunity to get back to White House if the candidacy of Trump is not reviewed. Before Trump becomes too overbearing and unrestrained, his wings should be clipped to straighten his character. At the moment, he is uncontrolled. But to control his excesses and overbearing negative tendencies, he should be called to order, so as to preserve the chances of Republicans having a shot at the White House. A better candidate ahead of Trump is what the Republican Party should present during the election. Fortunately, Trump has got the money to push his way through. With his populist/unpopular views, he may have won the heart of most Americans but at a peril to the Republicans’ identity of conservativeness which Trump has damaged with his outrageous campaign style.

Moreover, Trump’s public aversion for Islam does not portray him in good light for his presidential ambition. Religion according to Karl Marx is the opium of the people. Sensing this revelation, the elite class, after trying several instruments to force their acceptance on people without success, they suddenly remember religion—the powerful opium to get what they want. Religion is a very sensitive issue in which Trump is passively joking about in his determination to ban Muslims from coming to America. Apart from being racial in his other comments, he decided to take it further by bringing religious segregation in to a political gathering. This is an obvious political suicide! Donald Trump can never win on this one.

At a time when everybody is preaching religious tolerance, Trump is preaching hatred and segregation. The reason for his unguarded expression is predicated on America’s long standing non-acceptance of Islam. He was trying to cash in and ride on the back of what is seemingly obvious in America, that Islam is associated with terrorism, violence, and extremism. So he decided to gain more popularity. Trump is exploiting a popular revolt to get popular and be the choice candidate. However, the percentage of people who overtimes as a result of their experiences (September 11 attack and other jihadist attacks across the US) had developed hatred for anything Islam or anybody called a Muslim, is still minute. It does not represent the majority view of Americans. Because, Muslims are part of the American system in every facet—economy, politics, academic, sports, military, etc. So, how do you achieve a hostile religious policy in a country where Muslims are contributing immensely to the growth and development of it?

Trump uncontrolled contempt towards the opposite sex is another aversion associated with him. He exhibits so much disrespect to the female folk. It is very embarrassing for such traits to be found in a prospective president of America. So eventually, if he becomes the number one citizen of America, women would be reduced to a subject of contempt and gender assault.

A man should not only be defined based on his wealth and influence, but also his character and moral disposition. Being a billionaire or a successful business mogul does not qualify you to talk anyhow to anybody because you feel nobody can bring you to order. Again, if Trump is voted to power, his immodest word usage with just any female subject who comes in contrast to his view will completely extinguish America’s moral structure for gender respect of both sexes.

It is also very unpatriotic of Trump to acknowledge Vladimir Putin—a perceived longtime foe (politics and military wise) against his own president—Barack Obama. Trump and Obama are no friends in all sense of politics and foreign policy. Obama was overtly criticized by Trump for lack of political will to fight terrorism and leading America against recent foreign policies of Russia. Trump’s many aversions are already affecting his reputation with other countries of the world. Of course, you should expect resentment from the Arab world, plus other rejections like in Britain, and among Latinos.

How the Republican Party allowed an unstable character to steal the show under their umbrella is still puzzling. Well, delegates all over America have the final choice to make on whoever becomes their flag bearer. But does any other Republican aspirant matches the influence and populist views of Trump? Ben Carson and others may just be booted out for Trump if the demagogue continues to shine among the Republicans even with his outrageous and disgusting campaign promises.

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