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He Knows Your Pain


Overtimes it has come to my realisation that human beings have the tendency to exhibit madness (not mad per se but to be mentally disorganised or disturbed) as a result of what they have gone through, currently going through or what they are going to go through. In so many ways, we are faced with different challenges ranging from money, food, shelter and many other wants that are insatiable. The consequences of the non-availability of some of these desires by man are responsible for man’s pain, anxiety and restlessness.

What is pain? There are 2 perspectives to my response here, but before that, pain from my understanding is anything that can make one to be uncomfortable, hyper-sensitive, depressed, you can add your own. The perspectives of pain under consideration are ‘physical and psychological.’ Physical pain is when you are injured or wounded which could lead to serious health concern, or when you are terribly sick. The other one – psychological – this is concern with your psyche, emotion, well-being, relationship with others etc. They are the determinants of how well you are. They determine your psychological stability. When all these are gone, prepare for disaster.

The end product of psychological pain is trauma, stress, restlessness, hopelessness, chaos, conflict, crisis, hatred, death. Physical pain ordinarily or technically, seems to be the most severe, but psychological pain logically is worse. Man may become a living-dead body as a result of this pain.

Pain is a heavy burden. It kills! Pain can be so terrible sometimes. There are unspoken pains that are within. They are hidden in the heart. Tears may not even quantify how pained you are. You constantly cry within, groaning about your situation. That is why, when the pain gets to the extreme, there’s tendency to commit suicide by some people because it is no longer bearable. At this point, what you need to do is to surrender your mind and heart to God to have a safe landing with your predicaments. If you allow the devil to handle your mind/heart at this period, I’m afraid, anything could happen!

Pain can be so terrible sometimes. There are unspoken pains that are within. They are hidden in the heart. Tears may not even quantify how pained you are.

To be frank with you, it’s not easy to bear one’s burden or pain either physical or psychological. One needs help. Every one of us is currently going through a pain right now; don’t be demoralised because there’s hope, there is a solution.

The solution is JESUS! You may argue with me that, will Jesus come down to help my situation? Well, don’t panic, don’t be confused. The scripture says cast all your cares upon him because He cares. Yours is to cast your cares on Him and see what happens next. Just believe this word of hope and do what is right. He never fails!

You may have lost someone, you may have no food on your table, you may have no money to pay your school fees, you may be sick in your body, and you may have no place of abode and many more issues of life that makes you sad. Help has finally come because JESUS is here.

Jesus knows your pain, even before you say it in prayer. He sees each tear that falls down from your eyes. He is around to correct every wrong path or parts of your life. He is longing for you, to give relief and peace to every of your storm. Let Him know your pain, He is aware of it already. Don’t prevent Him from helping you by not speaking out.

Jesus is at the door of your heart. His eyes are not blind to your predicaments, neither is His hand too short to rescue you. He is the all-sufficient, the only one who can give you sufficiency and contentment in all things. Don’t let any of your misfortune (pains) stop you from being great in life. Test and see? Then you will see that our God is sweet. Our God is good. God is good all the time and every time of life He is equally good.

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