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How to free up space for more storage on Android mobile device

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  • Storage is where you keep data, like music and photos.
  • Memory is where you run programs, like apps and the Android system.

Do you get an ‘insufficient memory’ notice when you attempt downloading Apps from Google Playstore? Have you experienced a scenario where you are required to free up 200Mb+ space for a 4Mb sized App?

Want to know why?

For your device/phone to perform optimally, Google expects that you have 300Mb free internal memory at every given time. Now you know….. 

If you want to download a 5Mb sized App and have 200Mb Free space on your device internal memory, you’d get an insufficient memory notice and get a prompt to free up 105Mb.

Find below suggestions on how to manage memory on your device without deleting your favourite Apps or losing the opportunity of installing an App you need. From experience, some potential users of Q and A App sometimes complain of full storage space. We do not want them to miss out on the benefits of Q and A App. That is the primary reason for sharing this piece.

Follow these steps to manage your phone memory

1. Clear your phone Cache

Go to setting, then Storage, locate Cache. Delete the Cache content. If this doesn’t work continue with step 2. For some phones, the General Cache directory is found under Apps.

2. Clear Selected Apps Cache/Data

From Storage or Apps directory for some phones, click on the Apps one after the other, look out for the Apps with a large Cache and clear/delete the cache.

Note: Exempt WhatsApp from this procedure. If you clear WhatsApp cache, you may lose your WhatsApp data.

3. Move selected Apps to your External Storage Space

On my device, Instagram, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and some other Apps are on my External Memory (SD Card/Memory Card). To do this, go to settings, then App, Locate and Click on the App you want to transfer to your external memory. Click on Storage, you will see a notice that indicates if App is on SD card or internal Memory. To change App location, click on Change button and Select SD Card (Not all Apps can be moved to the External Memory).

4. Install the Lite version of your popular Apps

Mobile Apps like Facebook, Twitter have ‘lite’ version that occupy smaller space and consume less data. Consider installing the lite version of these Apps. Note that the Lite version of these Apps have some limitations.

Above steps are my popular procedure for clearing space on my device.  

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