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#JobChallenge: 6 unique ways to get employed

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Do you remember the lady, who stood by the road side in Lekki and held a banner with the caption, ‘Help, I need a Job?’ Desperate times calls for ‘creative’ measures! It breaks my heart to hear about graduates who have graduated for 5 years+ without landing a job. There are individuals who complain of not being invited for job interviews after submitting several applications, others attend multiple interviews but never seem to get an offer. Some others get stuck with underpaying jobs. What is the surest way to land a Job? Consider the suggestions below.


The potency of this idea depends on the kind of role you are applying for. It resonates with job roles that require confidence, ability to communicate effectively, speak fluently and ability to make presentations. Rather than just put these attributes on your CV, how about you demonstrate and share them with your potential employer and contacts? Consider this idea for job roles in Sales and Marketing and Public relations. For insights, check out Neil Patel’s website to see some of his videos.

This task would require considerable effort and time but would it be worth it? I leave you to think about it.


How much information do you have about your dream job and prospective employers? What do they do? Who are their competitors? What is their competitive advantage? How does their products compare with their competitors? When you get a chance to interview with your dream employer, you must demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the role. Make them ‘regret’ asking you questions like, “What value can you add to our company…”, “Why should we hire you…”, and “How are you different from the other candidates….”

Conduct a research on your choice company; see how they compare with their competitors. Connect with their management staff on LinkedIn, introduce yourself and request for a meeting to share your findings with them. Install Q and A App from Playstore to get on-demand job vacancy notice, access CV samples and materials that would prepare you for your next job interview.


Many successful men and women got their breakthrough while volunteering. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to serve, learn and meet people. Look out for volunteering opportunities that would help you develop and showcase your talent. If you do not find a volunteer opportunity, create one by identifying and writing selected organizations. Introduce yourself and request for a volunteer role. Highlight your skills and indicate that you are willing to serve at no cost to the company.


The art of networking and building relationships is a great skill that can be learnt. In eight years, I have worked with 6 organizations; most of these opportunities were referrals. A lot of employers want to avoid the stress of screening hundreds, thousand applicants to fill handful job openings – they prefer referrals.

There is a saying that, “Your Network is your Networth”. Are you actively and consciously building your network?  How many Human Resource Personnel’s, Managing Directors, Entrepreneurs do you have on your contact list?

Review your contacts and make a list of individuals who have the influence to link you with a job opportunity. Send them a mail that details your skills and the type of opportunities you seek.

Do not be one of those whose response to “What type of job are you looking out for” is “Any Job”.


This advice is for people who are underpaid or lack motivation on their current job despite being a high-flyer and giving the organization their best. From my work experience, the typical Nigerian employer is willing to pay a new staff higher salary than an existing staff (for the same job role). The way out is to leave your current organization for another one. However, before you leave, you must be sure of the value you can offer.

Before you leave, make sure you have attained a near indispensable level by delivering on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) consistently and learn about the overall organization operations…… know beyond your job title permits.


Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality are considered as knowledge areas that defines the Jobs for the future. Acquiring knowledge in these areas would set you apart and give you an edge.

Do not ever give up on yourself or your dream. NEVER GIVE UP!

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