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Nigeria and evil spirits

Some weeks back, my colleague called my attention to an article written by Reuben Abati in The Guardian Newspaper titled – “The Spiritual Side of Aso Rock”. Reuben Abati was spokesperson to erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan. I told my colleague that reading the article does not worth my time. I needed no one to tell me there are evil spirits in Aso Rock. I await other versions of his article chronicling the activities of the witches, wizards in the house of assembly, civil service, police force, Censors board and other government owned institutions.

Once were the time when evil spirits were invisible, preferred to wreak havoc in the night and at odd hours. They now go about their activities in broad daylight in Nigeria. Taking front seats in the Church, robbing the people’s treasury dry to pay abominable tithes. Evil spirits now show off their wealth on Facebook, they now travel abroad in airplane as against “ofe” (disappearing).

They have proved too hot for the Burahi’s led administration to handle. At the last check, they are winning more converts to their side. Planting, watering and multiplying their seeds at geometric rate. Their fruits liter the length and breadth of Nigeria. Increasing crime rate, cooperate begging is at an all-time high, extreme hunger amongst the populace. To say the least, Nigerians are living in a time of lack and lamentation.

In their days of invisibility, prayers was the best weapon to fight evil spirits. Now that they are visible, is prayer the only weapon at our disposal? For one, I have made a resolve not to join in the ritual of praying and fasting. Not for spirits that eat the best foods, drink the most expensive wines, spirits who are given audience in the church, to make mockery of God and fellow Nigerians. I refuse to shed weight to spirits who never get tired of passing self-promoting bills, holding fruitless meetings and scheming how best to fool the people and keep them in eternal bondage.

Their key strategy has been to get the people divided along ethnic, religious and tribal lines. The strategy has been highly effective and successful. They are winning, Nigerians are losing. I see many Nigerians dancing to their tunes on social media, on radio programmes, on TV shows and in print media. These evil spirits are singing “holy, holy, holy” to the high heavens waving cursed hands in thanksgiving for a strategy that seem to defy all solutions. A strategy simple yet effective, visible, yet untamed.

Every time you find yourself defending Buhari against Jonathan or Vice Versa, know that you are a key component in the hands of evil spirits, you have agreed to be manipulated and spun at will. You have gone through the walls of primary, secondary, tertiary and life schools but have remained unschooled in one of the vital aspects of life – admitting reality, focusing on the now and channeling your energy, best resources in making the most of the moment. Dear Nigerian, do not be a bigot for retrogression and mediocrity.

We must measure every leaders’ activities against reasonable and measurable standards, we must engage them to live by these standards and ready to work with them to achieve laudable goals and objectives. We must be willing to fight them to live by these standards where it becomes clear that they are unwilling to live by them. So far, the Nigerian nation seem to defy well thought out logic and strategies, this is so because many so-called leaders saddled with implementation and execution of these strategies are master saboteurs. They are professionals, emeritus professors in the art of con and craftiness.

The American election that saw Trump emerge President has come and gone. The lessons of building working and reliable institutions remains the strength of the American nation. When shall we get our institutions to work? When will our leaders commit to make them work? At the onset of this administration the body language of Mr President was said to perform magic. Body language has since been exorcised, rendered inefficient and ineffective. Civil servants have remained largely a bunch of unproductive army. The police force, my indicator of the Nigerian state, has continue to give the citizenry cause to worry. Only this week, I read accounts of police officers who killed themselves over cash gifts. Not minding the irreconcilable deaths attributable to careless and drunken discharge dubbed “accidental discharge”. Sometimes one wonders if our police officers passed through a training college.

I am yet to see a Nigerian government with an enviable and untainted track record. It is for this reason I am at lost when I see, read oppressed Nigerians at loggerheads to paint one government blue black and the other as God sent. So far they have all come in the same shade – rotten blue black. When then shall we lean our ears and give our hearts to the Redemption Song? When shall we break loose from mental slavery? Bob Marley rightly taught, “None but ourselves can free our minds”.

I call upon the few men of God in Nigeria to consider organizing deliverance service for their members who occupy Political positions. They need deliverance from greed, con and thievery. They must stay alert not to fall to their charm and scam – brown envelopes. The Church, Mosques, Traditional places of worship should set aside a “Stewardship Service”, where their members holding elective positions give an account of their representation.

I am afraid, if nothing is done about the increasing lassitude amongst the populace and mouthing of our most basic problems, dancing to the tunes and puppets of greedy politicians, the nation is no doubt on cruise speed to strife and destruction. If we must overcome our current challenges, we must unite to demand from all our leaders what is duly ours – responsible and purposeful leadership.

May all the evil spirits that have held Nigeria bound and retrogressive catch fire! May their abode and household know no rest until they return to the path of accountability, righteousness and selflessness.

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