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“Not My Will, But Thine”

At the brink of man’s expiation comes a cup to be filled with blood.

The untainted blood was the ultimate sacrifice to pardon man.

A great burden, not for the faint hearted. You can’t feign it.

With blood shot eyes, a bruised body, a broken heart, but a renewed spirit,

He fought like a LION IN A LAMB’S BODY, fulfilling a costly resolution.

A salvation sealed in pain and agony.


To die means humiliation and pain for the gentle lamb.

Albeit, to die means victory: for God so love the world.

He looked up and down, no respite. Oh, Father, why have thou forsaken me?

An ordinary mortal, surely, will crumble. Still, He was an ordinary mortal.

Man’s salvation put to the test.

He cried and cried, pushing back and forth; but the cup must be filled.


Man, sighting the cupbearer, inflicted more pain on him

God, sighting his peril, took a blind eye.

The fate of the same man became so fragile;

What if the cupbearer had turned his back?

Humiliated, bruised, and crushed; why should his blood be in that cup?

Rejected and left alone; why should his life go for it? Yet, He went for it.


Destined to fulfil the cup, to let go and humanity perishes.

To give in and humanity is saved. It became a choice for him.

Father, if thou will, let this cup pass over me.

Jesus Christ

But for his love, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE!


Man’s salvation now guaranteed and the weight of sin is off man.

God’s arm widely opened to embrace man,

Knowing that the barrier is broken through the blood of the lamb,

That His will might be done.

Happy Easter!

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