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Nugget on Emotional Intelligence

Tiwa Savage and Tunji Bello, Emotional Intelligence

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Emotional Intelligence “is the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” So many of us are unmindful of how powerful our emotions can be. Emotions not controlled could be fatal to the point that is unimaginable because one is usually beclouded by irrational and unrealistic thoughts to gratify some craves for whatever it is that is paramount at that point in time.

Lack of emotional intelligence can cause serious problems in our social relationships (relationship with other human beings in the society), and mental well-being—our cognition of what is real versus what is non-existent.

Human relationship could be interpersonal, group based, community based and even virtual relationships exist these days. But values synonymous to the aforementioned relationship units are not the same. As an active member of a particular society we should be conscious of the inevitable demands or responsibilities that are applicable to guarantee our survival. The human brain can be controlled by our emotions; hence, we should be careful if things are not working to our advantage before such a situation degenerates into something serious.

The story of Tee Billz (Tunji Balogun), a popular figure in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, married to singer, Tiwa Savage, is a typical example of how a lack of emotional intelligence could prove fatal. Their marital relationship took a somersault because one person could not control his emotions which eventually led to the end of their marriage. This case can be described as minus – emotional intelligence – emotional mastery – mental toughness + psychological trauma + psychological pain + rejection = depression, mental breakdown, emotional disorientation, hallucination, and finally the big one, suicide.

This condition brings the unexpected to reality. Your body would react spontaneously to opposition coming your way, and your memory is eclipsed by the unrealistic thoughts dominating your mind.

In this kind of condition, tears may not quantify how you are pained. You feel terribly empty and life seemed worthless. You are just emotionally uncoordinated because of that pain, that deep loss, hurting you inside, in your heart or mind. Hey, take control of your emotions. Be master over whatever life is throwing at you. Emotional pain is real. It kills!

Learn to manage your emotions. Never let anybody torment you mentally or psychologically. Emotional pain is a big burden that can lead to anything, anything, I repeat.

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