Saturday, January 25, 2020


He Paid the Ransom, Good Friday

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, where my sins were forgiven.

The sins were indeed weighty: a heavy cross I could not bear.

It was certain destruction was ahead.

Death was inevitable until help came from my dear creator.

My eyes bled blood. Hot toxins dropped from my skin pores.

My eyelids almost close in death. The pain was terrible.

Alas! Dear creator sent His son, His only begotten son to bear my cross.

I watched in amazement as He carried my cross with passion,

Even with destruction just ahead.

The son of man took a fundamental decision lest I die

He took all my guilt and shame away.

He paid the ultimate ransom I should have paid.

At the place of the skull, He buried my sin.

He declared to me: son, it is finished, your sins are no more;

Go back to your creator, He is ready to accept you.

©2016~ Paitor Odun

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