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Redemption: Second Crucifixion Of Jesus Is Ruled Out


The continuous loggerheads between God and man to resolve the conflict/friction created as a result of man’s action has continued to linger. This lingering of displeasure on the one hand and ingratitude and lackadaisical traits on the other hand does not augur well for a conclusive redemptive notion advocated by God. God is highly displeased with events and trends associated with man today. Man has turned himself to a renegade; reneging on every commandment of God. This attitude of ingratitude prompted this title and the implication of this stupidity by man.

The creator of heaven and earth is sincere enough in dealing with man’s shortcomings. This is clearly evident in His offer of mercy and grace to redeem and restore man. But for the umpteenth time, man has failed to preserve this rare opportunity begging to be capitalized on – an asset waiting to be converted or harnessed to capital.

This is where I’m going: as it were, Jesus has done it on the cross of Calvary. Death stings no more and the grave has been denied, thanks to the infinite love and grace of our dear creator. However, this offer of grace is being taking for granted by man. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary seems to be meaningless to some people. This set of people derives joy in perpetrating evil without even showing remorse. Others believe that God did not send Jesus to die on their behalf and that there is no veracity in the crucifixion of Jesus.

In addition, our generation today has allowed the influence of people I call “anti-Christ” to infiltrate the Christendom. Falsehood abounds everywhere. Deceit, corruption, false doctrines are the order of the day in some of these anti-Christ Churches. Interestingly, people still flock to such miracle (magic) centres for their succour.

The relationship between man and God today, appears severe. God’s overture of love is threatened by man’s unrepentant and stiff-hearted attitudes.

Mischief makers will not agree with this because of what they are getting or gaining from these abominations. Redemption of man to God through Christ Jesus is total and conclusive. Salvation exist nowhere except through Jesus the only begotten son of the father (God). Therefore, any effort to make this divine offer look fictitious is indeed fictitious itself.

From the foregoing, the 2 lingering factors of this message as mentioned in the first paragraph are depicted thus:

  1. God is not happy with man today because man is yet to fully accept the free offer of salvation given to him.
  2. Man (our generation) does not even take in to cognisance the essence of Jesus’ crucifixion.
  3. The continuous indifference by man to God’s overture of love will not favour man at the end.
  4. Having been stretched to the limit by man, God is not ready to offer His son again to be crucified for the second time.

It is important to state that God does not take rubbish. He does not condone bullshit when it comes to adherence to His principles. But for His profound love for humanity, He won us by Himself, back to Himself. Thus, there’s this pain and sadness beaming on the face of God each time man go astray from the path of righteousness. God has discovered that humanity is not even ready to accept His offer of salvation whole-heartedly as evident in their day-to-day activities.

The rate at which humans commit evil surprises devil himself! Men of today have become dare-devils; equaling, if not surpassing the devilish acts of the devil. Where is the sanctity? Where is the fear of God? Where is humanity in human? These are questions begging for answers of which man can’t be exonerated from.

To be sincere, the relationship between man and God today, appears severe. God’s overture of love is threatened by man’s unrepentant and stiff-hearted attitudes. The tragedy of life is not only when one is in a ‘lose-lose situation’ but ‘win-lose’ as well. Man has won the battle for redemption through Jesus but that victory is not certain as a result of man’s foolishness not to observe the ‘need-to-do’ to guarantee or cement the place of this victory. The ‘need-to-do’ in this instance, is about having respect for God and His commandments (fear of God), and loving one another as brothers and sisters with the love of God. That’s all. God is love and He equally wants us to do same.

To this end, the race to be conclusively saved demands careful observation and concentration on God’s principles by man. Although, as Romans 9:16 put it: it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. Notwithstanding, the same Romans queried: shall we continue to sin and expect the grace and mercy of God to abide? Wherefore, let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall (1 Corinthians 10:12).

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