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Republican Nomination: And the Last Man Standing is, Donald Trump

Donald Trump

It is no longer news that bombastic presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, is the presumptive, albeit, substantive Republican nominee after the withdrawal of Ted Cruz from the Republican nomination race.  And with the withdrawal of John Kasich, who also announced the suspension of his presidential campaign, there is indeed no stopping Trump from clinching the GOP nomination. Based on the current situation of things, Trump is officially the substantive Republican nominee for the November 2016 United States presidential election.

Trump’s unassailable victory was enhanced by the sudden withdrawal of Ted Cruz, his arch-rival, who is no longer interested in furthering his presidential campaign.  In his concession speech, Cruz said, “And so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long term future of this nation, we are suspending our campaign.”

Ted Cruz all this while had battled hard to match and upturn Trump from becoming the top candidate, but Mr. Trump was just too strong for any last minute assault on his presidential aspiration. All the protests and campaign of calumny by the opposition within and outside his party amounted nothing as Trump carted home the crucial votes of Indiana delegates. Donald Trump recorded a landslide victory over Mr. Cruz which must have prompted his capitulation.  

However, in their campaign leading to the Indiana primary election, both of them went muddy, using all the means at their disposal to discredit each other. Trump made a slamming reference to Ted Cruz’s father, in an old photograph with Lee Oswald, who assassinated former US president, John F. Kennedy. Trump questioned what Cruz’s father was doing with a killer. Cruz in turn called him a pathological liar, while Trump, in his reply, labelled him lying Ted. The ding dong derisive affair between Trump and Cruz was ceaseless, as both tried to outdo each other.

In the course of winning the support of delegates, the war of words between these frontline contenders went from verbal abuse to organized public slight campaign, derisive television advert campaign, social media war of words, money war etc. In all, Trump emerged the victor, while Ted Cruz is vanquished.

To further confirm Trump status as the ultimate Republican nominee, John Kasich has announced his withdrawal after seeing the swing of events in favour of Trump. As of 6pm this evening (Wednesday) Kasich made a press announcement, officially ending his presidential campaign.

With the withdrawal of Kasich, the battle is all over. Donald Trump has no more opponents to challenge his quest for presidency. Even the GOP party cannot do anything about Trump’s unstoppable victory because the required number of votes (1, 237 votes) expected from Trump is ultimately within his reach, unchallenged.

Despite all the antics and tactics of Ted Cruz and John Kasich and some party members to dissuade Mr. Trump, the Republican delegates were certainly not frustrated in their choice of Trump, though they were harassed into believing that their candidate is not worthy of being a president.

Whatever the case is, Trump is the triumphant candidate and it should sink into the head of the US populace and the world at large that Trump may just be the next US president. Trump is the last man standing on the Republican platform. Americans should therefore prepare the way for President Trump. Prepare ye the way!

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