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Romney: Tearing Apart Trump Or Playing To The Gallery?

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Mitt Romney, a former governor and a former GOP flag bearer in the last United States presidential election, made some startling revelations on Thursday in his campaign or speech of calumny to smear the personality of Trump, albeit, mar his chances of being the flag bearer of the Republican Party in November for US presidency.

Mr. Romney took a strong swipe at his former ally, Trump, whom he described “phony” and a “fraud.” Romney said, “He’s playing the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat.” Before this unexpected speech to bring down his now estranged friend, Romney was unheard in the political workings of GOP—he was irrelevant in the scheme of things, or he chose to shut himself out in the preliminary stage of selecting who and who are eligible as a candidate under the Republican platform. It is a surprise, however, seeing an unconcerned former presidential hopeful coming out to give a disparaging comment to turn voter’s attention away from Trump.

Meanwhile, back in 2012, Trump was fundamental to his rise. Trump did endorse him publicly during one of his outreaches, and eventually he became the flag bearer against the incumbent president, Barack Obama. What is the essence or use of Romney’s speech against Trump at this period when the demagogue is already becoming unstoppable? It will take more than a miracle to stop Trump at the moment. So what the heck Romney is trying to do with his belated speech of hate? The unfortunate speech is absolutely inconsequential to upturn the winning streak of Trump.


The Republican Party in which Romney is still a member created a monster in Trump which they are now regretting. Agreed, Trump is unfit to be the next president of the US, but what were people like Romney doing when he suddenly emerged as the preferred candidate ahead of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and even Jeb Bush. Cruz and Rubio are the immediate candidates next to Trump in popularity. Unfortunately, both have become a replica of Trump in their desperation to work magic and getting picked ahead of him. Therefore, there are no responsible candidates that can really give Trump a ‘run for his money and popularity’ except John Kasich. Being a governor, Mr. Kasich is politically experienced, and would be a better flag bearer for the GOP, but he is very distant to Trump’s outstanding and unrivalled popularity among the Republicans.

The reason why the scheme of events is this way among the Republicans, especially, the less conservative and the young generation of GOP is that, Trump represents the identity of a person who cannot be easily manipulated by the machinery of the party. Many people saw an advantage in Trump’s outspokenness to take down anybody without recourse to the usual tradition of the GOP. The younger Republicans wanted a respite from the regular conservatives, which they saw in Donald Trump. His bombastic style and highly abrasive character, even endeared him to some voters—an opportunity he effectively utilized emerging as the front-runner among other Republican candidates.


Nevertheless, Trump’s popularity should not have been profound to the level that he now calls the bluff of the party to run as an independent candidate if he does not have his way. His political rise is obviously a fatal error allowed into reality by people like Romney and other Republicans. The sudden ‘Never Trump’ ‘campaign by some GOP bigots and the belated swipe by Romney are really counter-productive. Romney’s move is a desperate attempt to create a negative outlook of Trump before the Republicans. His action is synonymous to that of a coward, who could not have direct input to change the future of his party, only resorting to playing dirty and desperately seeking to bring down a former friend. Tearing apart Trump at the moment would not avail much. Mitt Romney is only playing to the gallery.

Somebody endorsed you for your presidential ambition, and now you come around town to talk ill of him saying he is a fraud, he is phony, when actually; you should be contesting as a candidate yourself. Since losing to Obama in 2012, Mr. Romney went oblivion and now he is adding up to twist the fate of Donald Trump, who is fast becoming unassailable. What happened to the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the founding father of the Republican Party? That, you don’t give up on your presidential ambition, even when you lost in your first attempt, you should have mustered courage for another try on that same platform Trump is now dominating, the person you are trying to bring down at the eleventh hour.

This is a lesson to Romney and the rest of the GOP that, allowing a monster like Trump to mature was a fatal political flaw. Now that he has become unstoppable and untamed, they should bear the brunt for their lack of political foresight. Any form of political correctness geared to stopping Trump may be already too late.

Note: GOP means Grand Old Party. The Republican Party is otherwise known as the GOP.

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