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Struggle, A Stepping Stone To Greatness

Have you ever asked yourself this question: who cares about me or who knows about my struggle? This kind of question is usually borne out of frustration and a lot of futile struggles. Well, here is the answer: He knows! Who knows? God knows about you and your struggles!

According to Oxford Dictionary, “struggle is a forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack, or a conflict or contest, or a determined effort under difficulties, or a very difficult task.” Hence, there is tendency that you may be subdued by the forces of life if you lack the basic comprehension of why you are in such a situation.

Life is very complicated whether you like it or not? You just have to live with the complexity of life. Life has a lot of contingencies. Contingencies are the hard-knocks of life that can polish or roughen your personality or your chances of survival. They are inevitable.

Although life is very complicated, the contingencies it brings along are like conditions for achieving greatness. What kind of greatness, when nobody cares about you or your struggle?

The greatness of life is when your purpose of existence is realised against all odds or any difficulty. You may ask, very easy to say than done? Yeah! You are right; nothing comes easy without a price. Even God is not a magician, He works with faith.

So does your struggle matter in the quest to achieve greatness in life? Absolutely correct, it is! Life will not give you success on a platter of gold; you need to follow the rules, even if you were born with a silver spoon. Learn from life because life is a teacher. What are those things that life teaches? They are the hard-knocks or contingencies that will prepare you for the task ahead if you are willing?

There is no denying and there is no escaping challenges  that will get you perplexed and saddened about the essence of life, but they are just platforms to bring out the best in you. The best in you will surely come out with ‘work and faith.’ These 2 conditions are very important in determining the responsiveness of God to your situation.

God knows, if you don’t know? He knows about your struggle. You’ve got to brace up against all odds. However, your brazen boldness must go with work, prayer, and faith to ensure the status you desire so much.

God is interested in your best and equally your uplifting, not your failure. Your struggle is a stepping stone or even a learning field to your promise land. So be the best!

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