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Sunday Oliseh And His Unrefined Gab

Oliseh, Super Eagles

This epic volley from the Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh, could not escape the attention of Sharp Journal: “I didn’t beg for this job, I didn’t even want this job. I refused it twice and it took the intervention of a highly respected friend of mine, who was in government, for me to concede and take this job.”

The surrounding issues that led to Oliseh flaring up and embarrassing himself with his uncouth utterances are very unfortunate. How a national team coach for the purpose of proving wrong, criticisms against him through a recorded video on YouTube is very amusing. Oliseh, while responding to issues bothering on his credibility/performance as the Super Eagles coach became a ‘spitfire’ to knock down his critics whom he called ‘insane.’

Nigeria national team football under the watch of Sunday Oliseh has faced quite a number of crises ranging from player dispute (Enyeama and Emenike), administrative bottlenecks with the football federation, and public disagreement with the press. Since the exit of Stephen Keshi, Super Eagles performance has gone from bad to worse. Oliseh is practically not interested in solving the lacklustre performance of his players, but rather, he is involved in verbal altercation with just anybody who is against his style.

No doubt Oliseh was a great player during his days in Super Eagles; he distinguished himself as a super midfielder, but the business of coaching in football is rather different because of the conditions and the expectation of it. Being a football coach demands focus, tolerance and learning-on-the-job in order to ‘bring home the bacon.’ Taking your employer and fans of the game for granted through unrefined, nasty statements is very odd.

This is not the first time Oliseh will publicly attack journalists and critics of his performance. There is an element of pride and inexperience in the way and manner he constructed his recent statement. As a coach, you cannot avoid public criticisms. You will enjoy commendation and goodwill if your players are doing well and don’t forget to expect heavy bashing if poor performance is recorded.

The early exit of Super Eagles from the just concluded tournament for home-based players in Africa is a bold statement that Oliseh is really struggling to achieve a good result. Instead of engaging in good fate criticisms that came his way as a result of the dismal performance of Super Eagles in Rwanda, Oliseh went for the jugular to eliminate anybody standing against his position or dissatisfied with his performance. This is not how the business of coaching a national team is done. Oliseh should learn public relations of the game to avoid incessant verbal combat with just anybody who is not satisfied with his coaching input.

His regular outburst will only portray him as an intolerant and cantankerous person needing some anger management.

With this in mind, it is not unusual that some Nigerians don’t want him to continue as the coach of Super Eagles. Oliseh is based in Belgium and occasionally come to Nigeria for his coaching assignment. To some football pundit, it is a disadvantage in the game of football in Nigeria and the growth of Super Eagles. Oliseh is expected to be physically present in Nigeria to monitor the local league for the purpose of picking the best players as against having some arranged players who disgraced Nigeria at the just concluded African Football Championships where Nigeria was eliminated in the first round.

Above all, Oliseh—an ex-international, a football pundit (his numerous write-up speaks volume) cum football coach is expected to construct a refined comment all the time when making public statements. His regular outburst will only portray him as an intolerant and cantankerous person needing some anger management. Sunday Oliseh should learn how to be polite in making public utterances. His days as the Super Eagles manager are numbered if he does not learn how to talk. Disapproval of his performance or any public displeasure towards his job should be taken lightly by him, so as not to complicate issues with his employers and followers of the game in Nigeria.

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