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Super Tuesday: Super Clinton and Formidable Trump

Clinton and Trump

We now know that the battle for the office of the next United States president is exclusively between Clinton and Trump, having recorded consistent victory and popularity in their respective party. There is no stopping both as flag bearer of their parties. The GOP is ultimately in Trump’s pocket and the Democrat ticket is within the reach of Clinton.

Despite the recent negative campaign against Trump, he is really matching on in his quest to be the next president of the United States.

Donald Trump has been a subject of controversy among the Republicans and the general public because of his boisterous and outspoken nature.

But in the last round of GOP primary election (Super Tuesday), Trump won in 4 states losing just one state to John Kasich, who won in his home state of Ohio.

On the opposing side, Clinton is leaving no stone unturned. She cleared all the state primaries, regardless of the strong competition and resilience of Mr. Sanders.


Republican Result

North Carolina 40 37 8 13 Trump
Florida 46 17 27 7 Trump
Illinois 39         30  9 20 Trump
Missouri 41 41 6 10 Trump/Cruz
Ohio 36 13 3 47 Kasich


Democrat Result

North Carolina 55 41 Clinton
Florida 64 33 Clinton
Illinois 50         49 Clinton
Missouri 50 49 Clinton
Ohio 57 43 Clinton

 Result Source: Reuters


In his usual bombastic style and inimical policies geared to developing America, not minding the repercussion of his action, Trump is bent on realizing his dream as the next super president of America to confirm his toughness and diehard standpoint on governance. Donald Trump is an inevitable personality presented to Americans by the GOP party machinery with no sense of direction where the party was headed with the emergence of Trump.

Trump has almost crossed over all the hurdles before him. There are just a few hurdles on his way to clinching the ultimate spot on the Republican platform.

The sudden support for Kasich or Cruz has little or no effect on Trump’s popularity and picking the nomination ticket. Whether America likes it or not Trump is the flag bearer of the GOP come November presidential election.

With the drop out of Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, who lost embarrassingly in his home state, a large chunk of the delegates may just be swinging to Trump’s advantage. The next candidate to Trump — Cruz, does not have the political muscle and voter’s sympathy to upturn hurricane Trump sweeping across the Republican platform.

Statistics from the primary election so far show that Trump is halfway to victory while the rest of the candidates are just there for formality sake.

Without belittling the chances of other candidates on the Republican platform, Trump appears to be the preferred and he is clearly the ultimate flag bearer of the GOP. Critics within and outside the party cannot dissuade Mr. Trump’s chances of picking the Republican nomination. Trump may just make America happy with his style of government, who knows? He has fought hard.


Hillary Clinton, an amiable, intelligent, mentally tough, politically savvy, strong woman of American politics vies for the highest political office in America, but with a strong challenge from Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, who is politically experienced too and was once a civil right activist.

Unlike the Republican Party, the Democrat Party is well organized to the taste of its supporters right from the outset for the party’s nominated candidates. This well arranged setup brought about just 2 heavy weights (Hillary and Bernie), who are politically experienced and would do well in office if any of them is elected as president.

However, Clinton got herself embroiled in an email crisis that has the possibility of ruining her chances. Initially, the e-mail misdeed which occurred during her tenure as the Secretary of State almost overshadowed her chances and trust of voters in her. But she put the entire e-mail saga behind her to outwit and outrun Bernie, who publicly admitted that he would not use the e-mail matter against her as a campaign strategy.

Although Mr. Sanders may still try to pull some surprises in the quest for Democrat ticket, Clinton is also, not resting as she aims to consolidate her lead. There is no holds barred for Mrs. Clinton as she attempts to be the first female president of the world’s leading economy.

Who becomes the next American president: Clinton or Trump? Americans, this time, should vote wisely. The choice of Hillary or Donald is very important to the rest of the world. Americans would not want the leadership of their country be brought to disrepute in their choice of Clinton or Trump!

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