Thursday, July 9, 2020
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President M Buhari

U.S. greets Buhari on reelection

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has congratulated the people of Nigeria on a successful presidential election, and President Buhari on his re-election. Secretary Pompeo commended all Nigerians who participated peacefully in the February 23 Presidential and National Assembly elections and condemned those whose acts of violence harmed Nigerians and the

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Trump to end U.S. birthright citizenship for babies born to non-citizens

United States President Donald Trump has announced plans to push through an executive order to remove citizenship from children born in the United States to non-citizens and to immigrants born in the country illegally. According to Reuters, he gave no further details of the plans, which he announced in an interview

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Nuclear Bomb: Hello Washington, Pyongyang Is The New Foe

Hello Washington, Moscow is no longer the threat, Pyongyang is the new foe. Hydrogen bomb was successfully tested by North Korea signaling the emergence of a military super power whether agreed or not. Hydrogen bomb is more deadly compare to atomic bomb. Its massive destructive energy is greater than “Fat Man”

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