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The Personality of Jesus Christ

Personality of Jesus

Christianity in today’s world is bastardized no thanks to some “modern” Christians who contentiously find it difficult to conform to the personality of whom they are following. There is a contrast in the life of mankind today to the ‘person’ of Jesus and his ‪personality. Some so-called Christians are seriously aloof from the path of the author and finisher of the faith. There is a dimension which is disturbing, in the way the identity of Christians are portrayed or presented in the public. There is an advance inference which is very erroneous in referring to who is a real Christian, with the use of appellations that makes no difference. Christianity is well espoused or conveyed in the character or personality of Jesus. It’s either you are in or you are out. It’s either you are hot or cold.

The appellations or tag names referred to above include ‘born again Christian,’ ‘a believer,’ ‘believing-believer,’ ‘Holy Ghost filled Christians,’ just to mention a few. What defines a real Christian according to theologians is to be Christ-like. In other words, follow Jesus Christ, be like Christ, and lead by example just the way he did while on earth. So, it’s either you are a Christian or not, forget about the name calling (appellation). I guess what must have informed these tag names is to justify the status of a real Christian. Howbeit, a Christian is a Christian. What we should be calling the non-conformist among us is ‘Church-goers’ or the ‘Churchists,’ if I may use the word.

The problem of this new age twist can be attributed to false teachings and lack of conformity or reverence for character definitions of Jesus. The personality of Jesus depicts love, action, commitment, focus, and result. There is need or there ought to be uniformity in doctrines based on Jesus and followership. Jesus epitomizes so many traits that can be categorized in to 2 aspects. The Lord Jesus was very MEEK, at the same time, very TOUGH. These 2 unique aspects of His life are highlighted below:

  1. OBEDIENCE: Obedience made Jesus to offer Himself for man’s atonement. Throughout His sojourn on earth, being obedient was a paramount quality exhibited by Jesus.
  2. HUMILITY: He was humble; despite his status as a God, that did not get in to His head. He executed His assignment with no self-glorification but by ascribing glory to His father. He did not allow the human feeling of pride to consume Him.
  3. KIND/COMPASSIONATE/A SERVANT: Jesus came to serve and not to be served. Even when He was hungry and tired, the will or request of his followers/disciples come first. He was very compassionate to the feeling of others.
  4. ACCOMMODATING: According to Him, He did not come for the saved or the righteous, He came for sinners, outcasts, gentiles, for them to be reconnected back to God; Jesus identified with all and sundry despite his condemnation and criticism by the Pharisees. In other words, no discrimination; if you want to be healed or saved, no problem, just go to him, He’ll welcome you. Even if you want to make friendship with Him, He is equally available.
  5. LOVING/CARING: In one of His outreach, He discovered that people were very hungry and if nothing was done, it won’t augur well for His ministry. So, from nothing, He created something for them to be fed. This can only come from a loving and caring heart like Jesus who was very interested in their companionship.
  6. TEAM-PLAYER: Although, the assignment to bring back man to God was solely on Him, but for smooth execution and continuity, He made friends in His disciples which spurred the effective implementation of His goal as a Son of Man.
  7. SCOLDS WHEN NECESSARY: He did not condone bullshit. Jesus is a frank, very principled, down to earth person. When there was need to correct the foolishness of men, He did not hesitate to do that. He forcefully drove out buyers and sellers, who, through their action desecrate the house of God. This implies that when you need to frown at the evil of men, do not compromise.
  8. A PERFECTIONIST: From A to Z, He is absolutely perfect. This is a subject of contention among humans today: “I’m not perfect, nobody is perfect.” But He said be ye perfect, for your father in heaven is perfect. Being a Christian therefore, signifies perfection to the glory of God.
  9. LONG-SUFFERING/ENDURANCE/PATIENCE: Despite His humiliation and criticisms by the Pharisees and Sadducees, He stood His ground on issues of contention, however, with wit, practicality, wisdom and authority. Even when the suffering was becoming unbearable, He encouraged Himself, with His sense of purpose, delivery, and the victory ahead.
  10. FORGIVING/MERCIFUL: Jesus is an embodiment or symbol of mercy and forgiveness. He passionately forgives His persecutors and accusers, even with the atrocities they’ve committed.

There is more to the personality of Jesus. The highlighted attributes should however, be a mirror for all Christians who wants to be a real Christian. Christianity is about being Christ-like. The word Christian or Christianity was gotten when the early disciples of the gospel preached and did just like Jesus. So, people started calling them Christ-like or Christians because they were behaving like Jesus Christ. We must balance the lifestyle of Jesus which requires us to be frank, principled, meek, accommodating, loving and so on, just like He did.

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