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The Power Outlet

Power Outlet

Sometimes ago I was battered by one guy who calls himself a name you would know later. This particular guy threatened me so much that I began to wonder and ponder in my heart about the situation.

I asked myself, who is this guy? Is he a super being I cannot match? While thinking, the stubborn goat again came to inflict more pain by taking away my stuffs. I stood helplessly watching him stroll away with my bunch of goods (blessings).

After he left, as usual, tears were rolling, in fact, I was groaning. I could not say anything. At that point in time, I had lost all hope. I continued to think and brainstorm on what to do.

Suddenly, I stumble and storm across a rush of ideas coming from the Comforter – the Holy Spirit, who heard me when I was groaning to the heavens. The Holy Spirit said ‘THE POWER OUTLET IS WITHIN YOU. . .The power to heal and restore, the power to bind and loose, the power of life and death, use it creatively to set yourself free from that guy.’

The guy refer to here is the devil. He was my adversary until the Holy Spirit came to the rescue. The Holy Spirit said I have the ‘power outlet’ within me. Well, it may sound intriguing, what is this power outlet that the Holy Spirit is talking about?

Your mouth (tongue) is the power outlet. As small as it is, it can rescue you and can also compound your problem if you don’t use it creatively. In the story above, I failed to realise the power outlet in me and that warrants the devil, playing me around like football. So, would you allow the devil to play you around or you kicking him around?

Your mouth is the creative tool that can create you a good or bad life, success or failure, prosperity or poverty, and life or death. It depends on what you say or whose words you speak. Whose report would you believe: the report of God or man?

God’s creative power has been given to man in the form of the WORD. This word is the word of God. The word is sub-charged with power. You have to get it stored up in your heart and then release it with your mouth and create for yourself the best of life. In other words, the power in the word of God will just be lying there fallow in the heart of the host if there is no confession. The word is sub-charged with power already, but needing a conductor (your tongue) to accelerate the current, direction and impact of this great and awesome power.

But remember, the WORD of God is spoken from the heart of faith. Without faith, you are only making a mountain out of a molehill. You’ll be pounced on by that GUY if you fail to use your power outlet creatively (wisely).

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