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The Secret Place

Come with me to the secret place, where I have found rest and contentment. In this secret place, everybody is welcomed. There is no persona-non-grata. Howbeit, the owner of the secret place may leave you wandering around or unattended to, if you are found wanting.

Many times you must have heard people talk about strong room or secret room. Better still, you are a friend to someone, who always resists your suggestion or attempt to use a particular spot in his house. Or you are a daughter or son from a wealthy background whose father or mother will yield to any request but one – the secret place (the secret place in this context does not necessarily mean a diabolical room. It can be for any other purpose). If you are or not, you’ll know that serious conditions are always attached to such spots.

Please don’t be scared from following me to my own secret place. My own secret place is devoid of such stringent conditions. Anybody can come, at any time, on any day. You don’t even need anybody to follow or guide you. You can always find your way there on your own. So fear not! The secret place is indeed very secretive. It is you alone to your own fate. Nobody will question you why did you do that, why did you do this. But be warned, whenever your attitude fails to measure up to desired standard, the owner of the secret place might be deaf ear to you. Hence, exercise some form of courtesy.

What and where is the secret place? Who own the secret place? The word of God is the secret place. You can only find it when you go to the presence of God Himself. And of course, God is the owner of the secret place. So we are clear, isn’t it? Shall we? Join me let’s go together.

Psalm 91Okay, thanks for being on board with me. The experience of the secret place is interesting, it’s inviting! After your experience, you’ll continue to relish it. Hold on a bit! This particular secret place is not static; it is dynamic. It can be anywhere. In fact, it is everywhere, as long as you are ready to play by the rules. What I like about the owner of the secret place is that, He can come to terms with you, if you are also ready to come to agreement with him. Tit-for-tat, you may question. What this is saying is that, you can’t eat your cake and have it at the same time. It’s either you give your life to him (give your consent to him), so as to enable your dialogue with the master or you jump out because the owner of the secret place won’t give you attention.


Now that you know the rules, what are the benefits of being a regular member of the secret place? Psalm 91!

1. He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

2. The owner or keeper of the secret place will always defend and protect you because you trusted Him.

3. You are safe from any danger and deadly diseases.

4. Just like the hen watches over her chicks, the keeper of the secret place will protect you with his big wings, preventing affliction from touching you.

5. Be rest assured that your life is safe from any attack during the day or the night.

6. According to the convener of the secret place, a thousand may fall dead beside you, another ten thousand may fall beside you again, but you’ll never be harmed.

7. Because you have respected the agreement of the keeper (God), no disaster will strike you or any violence coming near you.

8. As part of your benefits, the keeper will order His angels to guide you wherever you go.

9. You will always trample on fierce lions and poisonous snakes.

10. The keeper also said if you would decide today to belong to him, He’ll listen to every of your request and will always rescue you in time of trouble.

You stand a chance of gaining more if you are consistent in the secret place. Please consult Psalm 91 for more benefits. Finally, you are going to be having a good time with your maker, so why decline? You must note this – you need to develop a relationship with the keeper. Be consistent, be faithful with your conviction, have courtesy for his presence (place of worship) and don’t always hesitate to run to him in time of distress. Thanks for being on board with me to the secret place. Now that you know the secret place, please take somebody along when next you are going.

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