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The ‘Special One’ is Alive!

The earth trembled at the crucifixion of the Special One. The sun and the novas hid their faces, and the earth shook in a series of quakes. The atmosphere was tensed, signalling the exit of the Special One.

Devil the custodian of the world thought he had won. He thought the key of death still resides in his hand. He reveled at the demise of the Special One. The dark world also joined in celebrating.

The demise of the Special One was never meant to be for defeat or escape. He willingly surrendered to face death. He allowed Himself to be hurt by death.

Death knew no power can overcome the Special One. It’s just a mere exercise to achieve a goal. The devil shone like a million star, jubilating at his temporary victory.

The fate of humanity in the eyes of the devil appeared doomed, but the devil was doomed himself! Man was actually redeemed and restored back to God.

So unsuspecting, very foolhardy, the devil watched the Special One use ‘death,’ his ‘tool,’ to guarantee the fate of man.

The Special One went to hell—confronted the principalities of darkness and shook from Himself their offensive.

He walked out victorious, brandishing the key of death to the amazement and disbelief of the devil. Death has lost his victory and the grave has been denied.

He has the key of life already, now the key of death is with him. Devil’s domination, harassment, intimidation over humanity is over.

The Special One returned, brought back hope, life, and restoration to man. And some were still sceptical. But, “He is alive, I saw him,” one of his followers vehemently exclaimed.

On Sunday morning, the Special One arose from the dead. The assignment is completed. The goal is achieved. Jesus the Special One has done it!

Happy Easter!

©2016~Paitor Odun

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