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Winning The War Against Terrorism

To start with, look at the eyes of this captured young Boko Haram fighter in the featured picture. What can you see? Can you see the wrath, cruelty, hatred, animal, brute in him? All these features or descriptions were not created overnight; it was a long process of mind manipulation and initiation. A closer look in to his eyes, he is unrepentant. He does not care what he does or did to others. He does not care about what happens to him. He is just happy to be a killer!

The war against terrorism is going to take more than heavy fire power by the military. This is guerilla war. This is an ideological war. This is suicidal war. This is war within. This is not a conventional war that requires mere conventional solutions. The minds of these Boko Haram fighters are filled with hatred. So, they are ready to die for a cause they know nothing about. They are ready to kill with just a token given to them.

The war against Boko Haram is no longer a religious war per se. It is absolute terrorism, fanaticism, extremism, fundamentalism, championed by a group of lunatics. There is a big ideological difference between Boko Haram members and the rest of the society. They do not have sane ideal for life. Their extremism is beyond control. But how and when did all these started? How did Nigeria plunge so deep in dark waters of terrorism? Back in 2008 or 2009, there were series of revelations or expose in the print media, warning the federal government of the activities of Boko Haram sect and the influx of aliens with questionable identity in to the country. This narrative is a long story. The rest is history today. Execution of those devilish secret activities is now obvious to the general public. It is late for the Nigeria military to completely crush Boko Haram all at once.

Winning the war against terrorism entails strategic plan in government policies, especially education, infrastructure, defence, and other subordinate key areas. Majority of Boko Haram fighters are not educated, and that is why their minds can be easily eroded. Some of them are even educated, but were hypnotized (brainwashed) into believing that killing fellow human beings was a good cause.

The ideal representation of Boko Haram is that of ideological disorder, diabolism, and fanaticism.

The Nigerian government should note that the ideal representation of Boko Haram is that of ideological disorder, diabolism, and fanaticism. It is difficult to defeat a group of people who are extremely wicked and zealous for a devilish cause. It is really difficult to gain victory over a group of suicide bombers. How do you kill a dead man?

Since it is very difficult to kill a living-dead man, what should the society do to prevent having one? Leadership comes in here! The Federal Government can prevent a dead man who has become a terror on its flesh if there was leadership responsiveness. Leaders in the Northern part of Nigeria – governors and traditional rulers inclusive should be responsible to their domain. The economy of North-East Nigeria is completely crumbled. This violence will definitely boomerang if nothing was done to return sanity and peace in earnest.

Moreover, education is paramount in solving the issue of insurgency. Innocent children, idle youths have become pawn or instruments in the hand of devil advocates called Boko Haram. It takes an educated mind to sieve through Boko Haram ideologies without being brainwashed. Even though this is debatable, having quality education could have transformed the lives of ignorant, fanatic fighters regularly recruited by Boko Haram. Unemployment and poverty are also key issues needing serious attention in order to preserve the minds of youths from being manipulated.

Having dealt with ideology or psychology of Boko Haram fighters, the State defenders themselves (the military) needs encouragement. This can be achieved through welfare and procuring the right warfare equipment. Having a super gun is a morale booster to confront your enemy. And having a good welfare package will go a long way ensuring that soldiers give their best. The military can further do better if a thorough self-cleansing is done; indiscipline not condone and saboteurs shown the way out. Also, collaborative effort between Nigeria and neighbouring countries should be intensified in order to block escape routes, source of food, and other supplies to Boko Haram. The trip to Niger, Chad, Cameroon, etc., by President Buhari should not just be a mere jamboree.

Finally, the process of recruiting members by Boko Haram entails a deceitful propaganda which erodes the mind of their recruits. The Federal Government can also use the right mechanism to preach against insurgency. The media is available for the actualization of this purpose. The more the messages are spread across, the more it appeals to the mind of ignorant youths. Winning the war against terrorism is beyond heavy military bombardment, it is the ability of the Federal Government able to stretch out a dynamic plan that would fix the issues raised in this piece.

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